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What to Consider When Signing Up for a Wedding Package

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What to Consider When Signing Up for a Wedding Package


With so many bridal shops in Singapore available, where do you even begin?

There are a few stages and a straightforward method to choose your bridal residence. Understanding what you agree to is essential. Remember, you’re committing to more than six months of trust and connection with your bridal consultant. You should seek a new consultant if you’re having trouble communicating with them or frequently arguing about things. If the problem persists, you should find a different bridal house.

Comprehending the package’s contents.

So, what is included in a standard package?

Typical wedding packages in Singapore from most bridal shops typically consist of the following three components: photoshoot, wedding production, and actual day necessities. Let’s break it down.

Photoshoot Session includes:

  • Wedding gowns and suits
  • Make-up, hairdo and accessories
  • Make-up artist and photographer

Wedding Production includes:

  • Wedding albums and frames
  • DVD montage
  • Soft copies of selected photos

Actual Day Necessity includes:

  • Wedding gowns and suits
  • Accessories
  • Car decoration
  • Hand bouquet

Some smaller bridal shops may not contain the third component, necessitating additional gown rental. For those that do, the third component often excludes bridal make-up and day-of photos. Various bridal shops have multiple terms and conditions, so if you are uncertain, be sure to clarify with them.

When comparing prices, it is essential to ensure that you are comparing apples to apples. Not all inexpensive packages are “worth it”; they are affordable for a reason, yet they may not contain the required components. You don’t want to have a lot of add-ons in the end because adding a bit at a time might add up to a lot!

Wedding gown labels and photography.

Wedding Dress Labels

In wedding shops, there will often be a wide variety of wedding dresses from which brides may pick, as well as another range of special designer garments and expensive designs which require a top-up.

A wedding gown is a focal point of the event. Therefore it is crucial that you peruse the gown assortment before signing a contract to guarantee you’ve found something you like. This should be the initial action you take.

Photography Styles

Each photographer has their own unique shooting style. When it comes to photography style, the answer is “yes” if you enjoy the images.

Wedding photography is an essential component of modern wedding preparations. You also want to present it to your grandkids in the (far) future. Therefore you must ensure that the shot is as lovely as you want it to be.

Peruse the portfolios carefully to determine the consistency of the photographer’s talent. And as you’re perusing the albums or images on social media, keep an eye out for the bridal make-up and hairstyles the team can create. The photographs reveal a great deal about the team’s abilities and the services provided by the bridal house.

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