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Why buy second-hand clothes to dress children

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clothes to dress children


 We heard about it, last year we unearthed a very soft coat for the flea on a site. It is increasingly common to buy second-hand. Children’s clothing also finds new life. How does it work? Is this a good deal? Who benefits from this new mode of consumption adopted by the French.

I wish to save money

Today you can find bargains for children’s clothing all year round. By buying second-hand, the budget is divided by 2 or 3 compared to the purchase of new children’s clothing in a traditional store. Some parents are fans of the occasion for children and can not do without it.

Looking forward to doing good business

If the second-hand market is booming, it is thanks to its new players. Today the large search bins where the clothes were piled up have been replaced by racks where each piece is individually presented. A study shows that in 2028 it will exceed that of the sale of new clothes (Thred up study).

It’s happening on the internet. Cleanliness, choice and variety of brands and prices boost the market: 30% of French people would have taken the plunge in 2018 (source Institut Français de la Mode). Doing business, buying second-hand children’s clothes has become a real trend.

Buy second-hand on the internet with a magic wand

Young people (aged 25-37) are pushing this trend by going to second-hand online sales sites. Specialized shops advertise on television, very well known to the public, they are heavyweights in the market (leboncoin.fr, vinted.fr, etc.).

The periods of confinement have favored these sites more with the closure of physical stores. The operation is well established: it is the families who photograph the items and who are responsible for shipping them.

The site connects buyers and sellers. Accessible on a site from the phone or computer, it is very easy for the customer to pay online and have it delivered to their home. Most of the time purchases arrive by envelope in the mailbox within a few days.

How are we dressing this morning?

Being equipped enough to deal with the unexpected is the headache of all mothers. A surprise invitation, an outing to the countryside, the weather is capricious. The wardrobe is well stocked with warm clothes and dressier outfits. When baby grows up, we appreciate having several diapers in case of an accident.

For parents, you have to stock up on clothes every season. Good news: with the second-hand purchase the family budget is respected. With second-hand clothes for children, parents have the opportunity to dress children with major brands of clothing at second-hand prices.

Fan of clothes or in a hurry like a lemon?

Time passes quickly in the company of our little ones. Hardly has he had time to put the 6 months that he has a growth spurt that he must already pass to the 9 months.

For a trendy look, add a hat, a headband and a nice pair of shoes to the outfit .

A cap screwed on the head and a zipped jacket in quilted jersey , our little car is ready to explore the surroundings on a scooter.

It’s a pleasure to find the future outfits of our little ones, between work and family life how to quickly find the best deals:

The eye on the internet we are part of a group of mothers who resell clothes that have become too small.

Shopping passing in front of the shop we noticed the new arrival of the season.

We have a subscription on all sites with alerts to be aware of news

In this way the clothes will accompany the growth of your child over the sizes but also over the uses. He will experiment, dream and make memories.

I act for the planet by buying second-hand clothes

Selling the clothes you no longer wear requires a bit of organization. We are going to sort the pieces that are the most beautiful and put aside the most banal clothes. Clothes with stains or holes are discarded for recycling.

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