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some subtle signs on the feet revealing diseases

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feet revealing diseases


You could be suffering from thyroid problems, especially if a moisturizer does not correct the situation. When the thyroid (a butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the neck) becomes diseased, it produces less thyroid hormone regulating metabolism, blood pressure, tissue growth and the development of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Marlene Reid, a podiatrist from Napierville, Illinois, explains, “Thyroid problems cause dry skin. When we notice cracking of the skin on the feet or if a moisturizer doesn’t make the dryness go away in a few days, Better to drop these bad habits that make feet pain according to podiatrists.

You notice hairless toes

You could have arterial disease. If your toe hair suddenly disappears, it could indicate poor circulation caused by peripheral arterial disease (PAD). “Symptoms include decreased hair growth on the feet and ankles, purplish toes, and thin or shiny skin,” says Suzanne Fuchs, podiatric surgeon at North Shore University Hospital .from New York. PAD, a buildup of plaque in the arteries of the legs, affects approximately 8 million Americans. Symptoms are almost imperceptible, but doctors can detect it by taking the pulse of the footpad or by a spot on an X-ray. “When I notice hardening of the arteries on an x-ray of a fractured foot, I’m 99 percent sure of a similar myocardial blood vessel condition,” says Gary A. Pichney, podiatric surgeon at the Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction . at Mercy Medical Center .

You notice sores that won’t heal

“It could be a clue to diabetes. Uncontrolled blood sugar damages the nerves and causes poor circulation, so blood does not reach the feet. When blood does not get to a wound caused, for example, by rubbing shoes, the skin does not heal properly. Many diabetics are diagnosed because of foot problems,” says Dr. Reid. Other symptoms of diabetes are tingling or numbness in the feet. Ask your doctor to do a blood sugar test.

You experience painful inflammation of the big toe

It could be a gout attack, a type of arthritis that usually affects the big toe joint. You only eat steak and wine? Uric acid is normally excreted in the urine, but may be produced in large amounts or not sufficiently excreted in some people. “Uric acid deposition is most often seen in the big toe or ankle,” says Bob Baravarian, a podiatrist and foot and ankle specialist at Providence Saint John’s Health Center ., in Santa Monica, California. The patient wakes up with a red and swollen joint. It is extremely painful.” If necessary, a doctor prescribes anti-inflammatories for relief and suggests a low-purine diet for prevention.

You notice tiny red lines under a fingernail

It could be a heart infection. Red streaks under the nails of the toes or fingers attest to the rupture of blood vessels, filiform hemorrhages. They occur when small blood clots damage the capillaries under the fingernails.. People who have heart disease, wear a pacemaker, or have a weakened immune system (such as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, HIV-positive people, and diabetics) are at higher risk of developing endocarditis. This infection leads to heart failure when left untreated. If you notice filiform hemorrhages under your fingernails, without prior trauma,

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