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5-step facial care

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facial care


Women of all ages should follow these five steps to take care of their skin, according to Faouzi Berradia, medical relations and training manager at Vichy Canada.

1 .Start with a good cleanser

Use only your hands, a washcloth might be too rou gh for your skin,” says Faouzi Berradia . If you have oily skin, use a cleansing gel and exfoliate often to reduce oil and unclog pores.

“Women with oily skin often don’t take care of their skin around their eyes , which is different from the rest of their face. Those with dry skin need lipids in their moisturizer and soap-free cleanser. In addition, they must moisturize their skin, especially in winter ,” says Faouzi Berradia.

2.  Exfoliate carefully

You can irritate your skin if you exfoliate too much. “Be gentle with her,” he says.

3.  Apply toner using a cotton pad

If you have combination skin , a toner containing an astringent will erase more imperfections. For oily skin, apply a toner with a low concentration of alcohol. Finally, those with dry skin can use a mild alcohol-free toner. Just apply a cotton ball soaked in toner, wipe it off, then apply a moisturizer with an SPF (sun protection factor),” he advises.

4.  Moisturize day and night

Your day cream should have a minimum SPF of 15. In summer, choose a cream with an SPF of 30. Apply a night cream and massage your skin in small circles: ” This will accelerate the evacuation of toxins and help with lymphatic circulation .

5. Treat blemi.shes

Before using your moisturizer, use a treatment on your pimples.

6.  bad habits for your skin

Don’t want to go to the beautician? Nothing is more pleasant than having a little cocooning session at home. Taking care of your skin can also be done at home! We offer you a 7-step treatment to pamper your face like in an institute.

This 7-step plan works for everyone , but always check carefully if a product’s ingredients and texture are right for your skin.


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